Petronia City

Fueling Africa's Industrial Revolution


Petronia City: Global Energy and Commerce Hub

The Phase One of Petronia City project roadmap creates a development base with robust infrastructure suitable for high volume international commerce, large scale manufacturing, mixed use developments and more.

Project Location

Takoradi, Ghana

Thriving port city with access and transportation routes to local and regional markets by land and sea.

Ghana's Western District

2000+ Acre Project Site

Zoning approved for commercial and industrial use.

Taxes & Duties

Licensed Free Zone

Petronia City will designate a substantial area towards a state sanctioned Free Trade Zone with import and export duty reductions.

Phase One Highlights
Pipeline Interconnection

Pipeline Interconnection

Petronia City will connect directly with the state owned natural gas pipeline operated by Ghana Gas.

Methanol Production Facility

Methanol Production Facility

Modular design and scalable construction with an initial capacity of 300 MT/Day.

Power Generation

High Efficiency Power Generation

Reliable electric grid with redundant generators for 100% uptime.

City Infrastructure

Petronia City Infrastructure

Permitting and authorization secured for construction of power grid, transportation and utilities.


Project Freedom

West Africa’s fast growing economy has lead to an ever increasing need for gasoline and fuel.

The Region’s lack of local production and dependence on foreign markets to provide fuel and fuel additives has caused low availability and high prices for one of the most used fuel additives:

Methanol is a critical component in gasoline blending. Both, reducing petroleum refining capacity requirements and increasing octane of lower quality fuel. 

Coupled with increased demand across the globe, especially in Europe due to trade disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Methanol demand and pricing is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future throughout West Africa. 

The Methanol Marketplace

Methanol: Market Analysis
World-Wide production and demand continues to increase year-over-year

Needed for variety of industrial uses, including fuel blending and as building block for a variety of other chemicals and industrial feedstocks

No production in the region, current market is completely dependent on imported product

Fast growing economies with transportation infrastructure reliant on road based travel ensures growing demand for fuel

MMSA Global Pricing Comparison

MMSA Global Pricing Comparison for MethanolMMSA Global Pricing Comparison Legend

Global Supply and Demand

MMSA Global Supply and Demand for Methanol

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